Keycard Information

What is the Keycard Scheme?

The Discount Scheme for Leisure Activities in St.Helens is known as the Keycard Scheme. This scheme is only open to St. Helens borough residents and their immediate dependents who have been in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits for at least four weeks.

The Keycard entitles the holder to 50% discount on a range of sporting and recreational activities including swimming, use of fitness facilities and beginners swimming lessons. Residents can benefit both financially and improve their health and fitness, by joining the scheme.

Do I Qualify?

All St.Helens residents and immediate dependents (see "Dependent Relatives") who have been in receipt of one of the benefits listed below for at least 4 weeks will be entitled to a Keycard:

Income Support/ Employers Support

Income Based Job Seekers Allowance

Working Tax Credit

Housing Benefit

Council Tax Benefit

Pension Credit

Foster Carers

Please note: Contributory Based Job Seekers Allowance, Council Tax Rebate, Incapacity Benefit, DLA & Child Tax Credit do not apply to this scheme.

For further information contact your local leisure centre.


What will the Keycard cost me?

The Keycard is £4.00 to residents of St.Helens entering the scheme for 12 months.

An Administration fee of £4.00 will be charged for all lost or replacement cards.

You will receive a Keycard (valid for 12 months). This card will entitle you to use many popular facilities at 50% discount.

How do I obtain a Keycard Application Form?

From any Library, Youth Centre, Leisure Centre or Swimming Pool in the Borough or you can download it here - Keycard

You will need:-

  • An application form stamped on the reverse by the agency which issues your benefit.
  • When applying for a Keycard for dependent relatives, your Child

  Benefit Reference Number must be completed on your application form.

  • For collection of your card(s) you will need some form of

  identification, i.e. a utility bill, driving licence or passport.

What do I do now?

Nothing, your application will be processed at your chosen Leisure Centre.

Remember, without a Keycard, you will have to pay the full price for the same facilities!

Issuing Offices - All Leisure Centres.


If you are over 60 years?

If you are over 60 years of age and a resident of St.Helens Council and in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits you will be eligible for a Pensioner Keycard this entitles you to discounts on a range of sporting and recreational activities. This card does not need to be renewed annually.


Terms and Conditions

  • A 50% discount on all normal charges for the activities within the scheme. (50% reduction on children's swimming lessons applies to beginners only, i.e. up to A.S.A Stage 3). Facilities may only be used at a discounted rate during off-peak times; Opening to 5pm Mon - Sun.
  • Keycard holders cannot pre-book facilities. For instance, squash and badminton courts can be used by Keycard holders if available on arrival.
  • All players on a court must be Keycard holders.
  • Discount use does not apply to special events, organised sessions, direct payment sessions, eg. Aeromix Classes, Zumba. Details are available at your nearest Leisure Centre.
  • For safety reasons, all users of weight training facilities must first be assessed. Normal fees will apply to assessment. Please contact the relevant facility for details.
  • All Keycard users must abide by the conditions of use which apply at each facility. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the card.
  • If your Keycard is lost or stolen, please report it to the Keycard Administrator immediately.
  • St.Helens Council reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Pastime Keycard Scheme at any time.


Contact the individual sites for facility information.