Change your Access Card!

Later this month, you will need to change your access card...

Why are we changing our cards?
In simple terms, because we are bringing in a new, quicker and more advanced system of checking you into the leisure centres!
We are upgrading our systems from the existing swipe card access to a CONTACTLESS CARD card and/or WRISTBAND. This will speed up customer access as the proximity sensors will recognise your card/band. The existing kiosks, turnstiles and doors will all be updates and in addition, Newton-le-Willows Health & Fitness will have state-of-the-art kiosk technology and access barriers! We hope all of these improvements will significantly enhance the customer experience!

What do I need to do?
The changeover will start on Tuesday 30th July at Queens Park Health & Fitness AND Parr Swimming and Fitness. Anytime from this date onwards, simply hand your old card over at reception and we will replace your current access card for a new proximity card, completely free of charge! If you want to use a wristband instead, you can UPGRADE to a waterproof wristband for just £5.00! We will do our very best to move things as quickly as possible and extra staff will be on hand during this time too!

How can you help us?
As this will be a busy time for us, we really appreciate your patience and co-operation. To help us out, you can:
 - Arrive 15 minutes earlier than you need to, to enable us to process your card before your session/class
 - Pop in at a less busy time - simply ask the staff when might be a good time for you both
 - Leave your card with us while you attend the gym etc. and collect afterwards
Once you have swapped your card over, please start using the fast track kiosks rather than reception to avoid unnecessary waiting time and queues.

Library Customers
If you use your access card for leisure facilities and libraries, we will ask that you retain your existing card.

If you have any questions at all in relation to this matter please contact your local reception point where our staff will be happy to help you.