Swim Lessons

Swim Skool is our junior swim lesson scheme with Go Active. With lessons across all of our pools, here is the breakdown of each lesson......

Swim Skool

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We are confident that our 'Swimskool' not only offers value for money but
will also produce pupils who are confident, skilful and above all 'water safe'.

Through the scheme, we aim to:

• Maintain a high quality of Swimming Instruction.
• Deliver a varied programme to suit all levels and abilities.
• Encourage skillful and competent stroke technique.
• Teach water safety and make pupils aware of the dangers of water.
• Provide the opportunity to progress and obtain Life Saving qualifications.
• Liase with parents/customers on a regular basis.
• Identify any child who has potential and guide them to the appropriate coaching environments within aquatic clubs.

Our Swim Skool membership is £20.85 per month via direct debit.

All of our pools provide a range of lessons so for more information on availability, days & times, contact your referred centre on:

Queens Park - 01744 671717

Parr Swimming & Fitness - 01744 677236

Selwyn Jones - 01744 677970



For the very young to enjoy with a guardian.
Tadploes is a 1 hour fun, informal session for youngsters 8+ weeks.

Payment options:

£5.00 pay as you go
£2.50 pay as you go if Parent or Guardian is a Go Active member.  



Improving youngsters learn to swim with a guardian. Turtles are a semi-structured lesson for youngsters from 8+ weeks. These lessons require a continuous commitment and are 30 minutes in length.


First swimming lessons for pre school youngsters. Guardian is not included in these sessions.
These Duckling stages are structured, require a continuous commitment and are 30 minutes in length.


National ASA swimming lessons for juniors.
Dolphins are a 30 minute lesson, Stages 1 - 5, which are structured lessons without guardian and require a continuous commitment. 

 Lessons times do vary from site to site. For more detailed information, please contact the centre directly.



Stroke development and lifesaving for young people.
Sharks provides opportunities for Juniors once they have learnt to swim but still want to develop.